Geospatial Infrastructure Management Ecosystem

We are a startup risk assessment software company

Every US$1 invested in risk reduction and prevention can save up to US$15 in post-disaster recover.

Every US$1 invested in making infrastructure disaster-resilient saves US$4 in reconstruction. (UNDRR, 2020)

About Us

We are a startup risk assessment software company


  • Saving the lives of people and money of the governments,
  • To deliver the risk assessment from geospatial information technologies for disaster risk reduction and emergency responses,
  • To build user-friendly platforms to support academicians, research & development, practitioners, professionals, decision-makers, organizations, government bodies and private companies,
  • To contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 in an actionable entrepreneurship and innovation way of utilizing geospatial for a better world, effectively.


  • Working together to build a better environment and safer infrastructures for now and future generations.


  • Empowering decision-makers for disaster management and emergency responses.
  • Inspecting infrastructures such as buildings and bridges for determining vulnerability and risk estimation and deliver its complete reports and recommendations of pre- and post-disasters on asynchronous and synchronous cloud-based technologies.
  • Analyzing and computing building and bridge structure for retrofitting, reinforcement, and safety management.
  • Determining prioritization of building/bridge reinforcement, clustering of building/bridge safety and damage risk.
  • Generating web-based maps and 3D representation on the cloud.

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Geospatial Infrastructure Management Ecosystem (GeoIME)

Vulnerability and estimation of risk, retrofitting

What we do

  • Developing Geo App/Web App/software for disaster loss reduction and management,
  • Determining the vulnerability of infrastructures such as buildings/bridges and estimation of risk from on-site and in the office through to the web and cloud.
  • 3D modelling computer vision from images allowing users to generate point clouds, digital elevation model (DEM), digital terrain model (DTM), mesh, and orthophotos

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We greatly appreciate Google Maps, USGS, ESRI-ArcGIS Online and QQ Maps for providing map and data services.

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Life Saving Solution of The Year

  • This award is here to credit the innovator with a leading solution in saving lives and minimizing loss before, during, or after the occurrence of a natural disaster. With the ever present danger created by natural disasters around the globe, it is paramount that industry leaders look to innovations that protect lives, from global projects to devices in the home and much more.

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